Rebecca Daugherty, Roadwork: Paving, Gallery , oil/panel, 10" x 10"

Isalos Fine Art is no longer in business. Active from 2003 through 2014 on Main Street in Stonington, Maine, the gallery showed a small, but diverse selection of artists- which added-up to hundreds over the years.

When faced with the need to buy the building to remain in business, owners Michael & Rebecca Daugherty felt the numbers didn’t quite add-up, and decided it was time for a change. It was a difficult choice, made even more bittersweet with the outpouring of support in the gallery's final months.

This site will stay up for awhile, and if possible, will include links to individual artists.

For the winter of 2015, Michael & Rebecca will be in Saint Marys, Georgia, gateway to Cumberland Island, working for Sea Surf & SUP, a new sea kayaking outfitter.

Stay in touch! Michael’s book AMC’s Best Sea Kayaking in New England will come out in the spring. If you would like a notice when it becomes available or if you would like to receive updates about sea kayaking opportunities, sign-up on our mailing list page. If you would like to receive updates and invitations to Rebecca’s art exhibitions, sign-up for her list.