Barbara Bellows


Line of Boats, pastel, 10" x 14"

Barbara Bellows is a pastel artist living in New Hampshire. She studied at the Lyme Art Academy, Plymouth State College , and Lebanon College, and has exhibited and sold her work since 1983.

A frequent traveler, Bellows enjoys working outdoors, on location, often finishing the piece later in her studio. In New England, she enjoys the constant change of weather, causing light and shadow variations and dramatically altered colors. Her pastels are concerned with finding a sense of place.

Bellows appreciates the immediacy of pastels, working most often on sanded paper prepared with red oxide pigment mixed with gesso, acrylic medium and pumice. Sometimes she does an underpainting with hard pastels, then switches to softer pastels to finish. She works complementary and analogous colors to create vibrancy in the light and shadows.

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