It was December third, a normal Monday

It was December third, a normal Monday until it was not-so-normal… I was at regular Monday dance rehearsals; pointe variation, private for thirty minutes, then technique for an hour, and lastly contemporary small group for thirty minutes

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Gender Norms in Igbo Culture

Gender Norms in Igbo Culture “We say that mother is supreme” (Achebe 134). Many perceive the molded positions of men and women as prominent in Igbo culture, as Okonkwo, but his bold assumptions do not match up to the reality of his society. Things Fall Apart is a novel in which Igbo culture is shown through the fate and chi of the main character Okonkwo.

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Relieve some of the stress

In the projects, the only way to relieve some of the stress is to park the car and just start rhyming. In such a dangerous place, it was the only thing we had to free our mind and run away from the dangers. Safety was a word that did not exist in the project dictionary. In the streets, it was like a Maad City, filled with drugs, Bloods, and Crips.

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