Rebekah Raye


Rebekah Raye’s bird and animal paintings are derived from her affinity with the natural world around her East Blue Hill Studio. She has illustrated two children’s books, including “The Very Best Bed,” which she also wrote. She is currently finishing a new book.

I love animals and their relationship to us and to each other. The images I paint and sculpt come from experiences I've had right here in our backyard and in East Blue Hill.
I am surrounded by woods and live beside an old granite quarry. A sheltered cove and the head of Blue Hill Bay is at our doorstep. I am visited regularly by deer, fox, crows, raccoons, and occasionally a bobcat, bear, hawk and owls. All manner of creatures come to see what our chickens and geese have left from their supper.

It doesn't seem to matter where I am, the sight of an animal, near or far calls my attention. They are consistently in my dreams and daily thoughts. It is a celebration of their lives with us that I wish to share. I am compelled to paint them, sculpt them and love them.

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